Do you question..."What is wrong with me? Why can't I get it together? Why don't I feel happier? Why can't I stick to anything? Why can't I stop eating junk?" Join us on Feb 16th when your self-discovery team will show you how you're getting in your own way and, more importantly, how to get out of it.


Let's be real

Every year more than 50% of people set New Year’s resolutions, yet data shows that by February up to 80% will have given up.

The trouble is most people are externally focused believing that they will feel better when they've reached their specific goal or at some future date.

You think:

"I will feel worthy when I am x pounds."

"I'll start eating better Monday."

"I will be happy when I get a better job."

"I will feel good when I get a partner."

"I feel like I'm just going through the motions of life."

"I'll feel more fulfilled when..."

The truth is the feeling you are going for is an inside job. If you change how you think and feel on the inside everything changes for you.

The exciting part is YOU are the only one standing between you and what you want.


Imagine if instead...

Untitled-design-2021-12-03-T080053-524...you wake up each day with a feeling of joy and fulfillment because you have tools that put you in touch with who you are and provide your life a sense of direction. You like who you are and there is a feeling settling in that you are living your most authentic life.

Untitled-design-2021-12-03-T080053-524...you just ate and lived. Imagine if food and your weight never crossed your mind again. Imagine if those things no longer controlled you and you ate and lived from a place of love and trust. If you were able to regulate your emotions without always using food and you made nurturing choices for yourself and your body every day - because you knew deserved to feel good.


Who Are We?

We're the team of guides that are going to help get you there this year



   I'm going to teach you...

➔ h
ow to redefine your own version of what it means to eat and live healthy and why it’s important that you do
➔ why healthy eating habits are so hard to stick to & why weight loss never sticks
➔ 3 of the biggest causes of binge eating or feeling out of control around food
➔ why “healthy living” doesn’t actually require a "lifestyle change", but what it does require
➔ how to gain freedom from dieting/constant broken promises to “eat healthier”, “be good with food” or lose weight and start rebuilding self and body trust

About Me

As a former award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, as well as a former binge eater/bulima, I  help women uncover why they eat the way they eat so that what and how they eat naturally shifts in the most beautiful and loving ways. I'm the Founder of Cognitive Eating, Host of the podcast Why We Eat and Co-founder of The Real Diet Story.

As a trained professional in the fitness and nutrition industry and a mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral coach, I'm going to teach you how to redefine healthy eating and living so you can stop the cycle of failure and start feeling better.


   I'm going to teach you


➔ the scale I use to find my Joy & connect to my Authentic Self

➔ how knowing your Values can provide you fulfillment and I’ll show you an example of how to discover yours

➔ how you can use your values to provide Direction in your life

➔ how to identify your Inner Critic, the role it plays and how to change your narrative

About Dana

I guide people on a journey of self-discovery so that they can live with more joy, meaning & fulfillment. I have been where you are….there is nothing really wrong, but something isn’t right. I too was lacking true joy and fulfillment …. just going through the motions of life.

As a trained Leadership Coach, Author of Soul Prescription: 101 Ways to Find Joy, Meaning & Fulfillment & Founder of The Soul Rx Club, I have spent the past 2 decades discovering where true joy and fulfillment is found and how to get a sense of direction in your life. I want to share that with you


Get Out Of Your Way

Hosted by Dana Lloyd and Roni Davis

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