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CEA Installments

Evidence-based tools combined with professional and peer support to help you learn why you're stuck in self-sabotaging patterns with food, and how to change them

What People Are Saying:

I kinda didn’t believe you… like, because, I was scared I was going to be the only one this didn’t work for but then it did and it’s… it’s amazing. Able to listen to my body, believe what it’s saying and follow through with it knowing that’s the right thing for me. I don’t punish myself with food. All the old negative self talk with food is almost completely gone, and the few times it does happen, I can easily reverse it. And best of all, I don’t beat myself up about eating a piece of chocolate and when I do, it doesn’t end in bingeing all night or filling a void that isn’t going to get filled with food. In fact, there are no more overeating/cheat days. I had never felt good about myself or not thought about food until now. This completely changed my view… I have freedom now ...to just do what feels good and that’s okay.

Sandy R.

I came into the Cognitive Eating Academy with a 30-year history of bingeing and feeling out of control around food and now, that's all gone. I just don't anymore. I had some doubts that it would work for me but the more I listened and the more that I practiced the more I was just like wow.

Karla H.

Roni helped me learn how to keep the weight off but she gave me so much more than that. She taught me how to change my brain, to be okay with myself and my body. I’m at peace now. I'm a happier, better, mother and person. My life and my mental and physical health have done a complete 180 for the better because of her and I can never thank her enough.

Kelsey Keigan

This opened a whole new world to me. I'm actually comfortable in my clothes now. I feel so much lighter & wake up with a smile on my face and a song in my heart, instead of the sense of dread that I used to. I have grown & changed more in 12 weeks with Cognitive Eating than I ever have with any psychiatrist, or in any other program I've ever done in more than 30 years of therapy, counseling, or even overeaters anonymous.

S Thomson